The Only ChatGPT Prompt You Need to Brainstorm an Epic Novel

Ah, chatbots, those charming digital denizens that have completely turned the world of fiction writing on its head.

As a budding creative writer or perhaps a seasoned author, you might be itching to harness the genius of ChatGPT. In this article I’m going to show you how to craft the perfect prompt to brainstorm story ideas with ChatGPT. I’ll even show you an example of one that I use and it never lets me down.

Great prompts are not born; they are meticulously crafted. To create the ultimate prompt, you must consider several factors. The plot should thicken, the theme should resonate, and the characters must be more than mere cardboard cutouts. Your prompt should be a delectable appetizer, whetting the reader’s appetite for a tantalizing tale.

So, grab a cuppa coffee or tea, your laptop, open up the ChatGPT website, and let’s get started.

And remember, dear reader: the prompt is but the seed; it is up to you to cultivate a vibrant story that will blossom and flourish, captivating the hearts and minds of all who encounter it.

Decoding Prompt Engeneering

Before we jump into the art of crafting top-notch ChatGPT prompts, let’s take a step back and figure out what prompts are all about and why they’re a big deal.

Why Prompts Matter

Think of prompts as the launchpad for your AI-driven creative escapade. They’re the spark that ignites your AI-assisted storytelling fire. Handing over a well-thought-out prompt lets the AI whip up content that vibes with your creative vision, making for a more enjoyable and cohesive narrative.

The Recipe for a Killer Prompt

A great prompt must be clear, concise, and detailed. It ought to dish out just the right amount of context to steer the AI where you want it to go without putting it in a creative straitjacket.

Create the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt for a Fresh and Original Fiction

There’s no magic formula When crafting the best prompt for a creative and one-of-a-kind fiction story. The dream prompt hinges on your personal tastes, preferences, and the story you aim to bring to life.

However, in this article, I’ve got one prompt I will share with you that helps me brainstorm some of the best story ideas.

In addition to that, I’ve got some helpful tips for prompt engineering and using ChatGPT to get your creativity flowing.

First let’s take a look into what needs to be taken into consideration when writing a ChatGPT prompt for fiction writing.

Crafting a Fiction Prompt that Delivers the Goods

When cooking up your fiction prompt, don’t skimp on these key ingredients. If you’re too vague, the AI might churn out a bland, cliché story that’ll have you snoozing. So, consider these tasty morsels as you brainstorm your next blockbuster with ChatGPT.


Kick things off by starting with the genre of the story. Are you into sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, or historical fiction? Your genre pick will have a major say in the flavor and style of your prompt.


Themes are the secret spices that give your story depth and meaning. As you craft your prompt, think about tossing in themes that strike a chord with you or might get your readers’ mental gears turning. If you struggle with this, you can grab a free chapter of my upcoming eBook Epicode: Brainstorm Your Best Story Idea Yet with ChatGPT that is all about themes.

Character Development

A fabulous story needs a cast of captivating characters. When penning your prompt, offer some hints about your protagonist’s personality, backstory, or motivations to give the AI-generated tale some extra zing. You can dive deeper into this with this blog post here.


The backdrop of your story is another must-have ingredient. Make sure your prompt dishes out enough details to set the scene, whether it’s a quaint village, buzzing metropolis, or a galaxy far away.


A dash of conflict is the secret to keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Introduce a core conflict or challenge for your protagonist to tackle in your prompt, laying the groundwork for a thrilling and suspenseful saga.

Example of a Great Fiction Prompt

To get your creative juices flowing, here is an example of a fiction writing prompt (works great in the GPT-3 or 4 models in the ChatGPT plus subscription!) that covers all the bases. When in doubt, ask the AI directly what it needs from you to give you the information you want.

Here is the prompt I like to start with:

“You are a prompting engineering expert in addition to the fact that you are an AI, I want to use you as a writing assistant and help me with brainstorming a captivating and unique story that subverts common tropes, is funny and entertaining, thought-provoking, and avoids cliches unless it’s purposefully using them in a satirical way. 

What information do you need from me to help me brainstorm a new story? I currently do not have a story idea, so I need help building one from scratch. I want you to ask me questions or give me ideas to bounce off of to help me develop some completely original ideas. Do not suggest plot ideas, characters, or anything from anything that already exists. Don’t cut and paste from other sources. I do not want you to write the story for me, help me brainstorm. Sound good?”

Tips to Enhance Creativity with ChatGPT Prompts

Whether you’re using the prompt provided above, or creating you’re own, here are some tips to enhance your experience with brainstorming your story ideas with AI:

  1. Start with a broad idea and narrow it down: Begin with a general concept, then refine it by adding details or constraints that will help guide the AI.
  2. Experiment with “what if” scenarios: These can lead to interesting and unexpected story developments.
  3. Use evocative language: Choose words that evoke emotions, imagery, or atmosphere to set the mood for your story.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional: Push the boundaries of your imagination and explore uncharted territory.
  5. While you’re telling the AI what you’re looking for, be sure to add in details of what you DON’T want.
  6. Once you have a general concept, develop your characters first and worry about the details of the plot afterward. Developing the plot first will result in a story that lacks depth and will feel flat. 

Wrapping It Up

To cook up the ultimate prompt for a fresh and original fiction story, you’ll need to carefully consider genre, theme, character development, setting, and conflict. The winning prompt combo will vary for every writer and story, so go ahead and give yourself permission to play around and break free from convention. With a thoughtfully concocted prompt in hand, ChatGPT transforms into a mighty tool, helping you weave enticing narratives that breathe life into your creative vision. So, explore the limitless possibilities and watch your stories take flight!

Ready for a creative boost? 

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Can ChatGPT create a story without a prompt?

While ChatGPT can generate content without a prompt, providing one ensures that the AI-generated story aligns with your creative vision.

How long should a ChatGPT prompt be?

A prompt should be concise yet detailed enough to guide the AI in the desired direction. Generally, a prompt should be no longer than a few sentences.

Can I use multiple prompts within a single story?

Yes, you can provide additional prompts to help guide the AI throughout the writing process, steering the story in the desired direction.

How can I ensure that my ChatGPT-generated story remains consistent?

By providing clear and detailed prompts, you can help maintain consistency in the AI-generated narrative. Additionally, you can edit and revise the generated content to ensure it aligns with your vision.

Can ChatGPT help me overcome writer’s block?

Absolutely! ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for generating ideas and breaking through writer’s block. By providing prompts and collaborating with the AI, you can discover new directions for your story and reignite your creativity.

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